Written with Cisco Jose 

June 30th 1977 – March 21st 2011

For Dr. Igor Malakai 

September 17th 1970 – March 29th 2010

Amongst the many complex, proverbial questions, and the true paradoxes I have found in life, this is by far the most difficult not only to understand but to explain to anyone other than myself – and that in itself seems to betray the idea of honesty, especially with self, as even I cannot seem to appreciate what is currently happening to me. The inevitable contrast between feeling and reality and my observation of their discrepancies create quite an uncomfortable set of circumstances which may consequently lead to emotional and even physical maladies. Discomfort, briefly, yet unfairly summarizes my affliction, and the perpetual question of “why?” torments my mind incessantly.

I think I know what my problem is. I think I have a clear understanding of where these unfounded, and unsubstantiated feelings arise from, yet as they are, according to my own senseless rhetoric, of a tenuous nature, I don’t know the first thing about my confusion, and that word has come carry so much weight and merit, becoming a permanent and popular addition to my own limited lexicon. Silly, how a word that indicates bewilderment, and represents lack of clarity can have such perfect meaning in my own meaningless search for self.

“Self” – Now there is big one! Or is there anything at all? My eternal and enduring exploration of the human psyche has yielded countless understandings and discoveries about the human mind, and at the same time, left me wandering, and wondering why my own is so different from the rest. Different in terms of knowing more than the rest, as with much arrogance I can assert that I know more, and thus my knowledge becomes useless and futile – no wisdom! How do they do it? How do they get on with their lives? How does one exist in ignorance? And then again one does not, but the many do. Yes, it seems that our cultural cluster has accomplished something amazing; they have normalized ignorance, and made it a virtue.

I look for answers out there, and I find many yet continue unsatisfied with what I know. I look for answers inside, in the dark corners of my own mind and find none, yet the silence is pleasing, the emptiness comforting, the solitude gratifying. I can stay in here forever, and without yet wanting to, because as I think about my meaningful connections I crave those unsatisfactory answers that lead to further confusion. Oh, What a beautiful confusion! I’ve come to love it. How noble is to not know why? How wise is it to allow oneself to embrace a mystery without truly wanting to solve it? My latest mystery has a peculiar name. And I love to wonder why. Why? How did this come to pass? Why such choice to allow another to enter my private space, my inner sanctum? NOT LIKE ME!! Not a very logical choice! There is so much to speculate about the reason, yet in light of humility and my redundant declaration of true honesty I must admit that I enjoy it. This feels new, and refreshing, still, honesty must be dealt with first. Why is there such an intriguing person my life who I do not own? When did my perspective change? Or has it? Is this a vain attempt at learning a new lesson? Such an abortive gesture may only culminate in loss, and that loss may be more than I can or want to handle. How do I proceed? Why so many questions? Why not use my flawless approach to persuasion and seduction to happily anchor this fascinating being to me and to my will? Finally a meaningful and honest question and one that deserves honest answers which can only be given by an honest person – and that is not me.

Resulting from my ephemeral condition, there is a sense of trust and belief in myself combined with a permanent return to my own lack of faith in everyone else. It has done it, brought me to my knees in an unconscious efforts to quicken myself once more. I am of it, but with a lingering feeling that not much is mine because I have allowed others freedom, I often, and unnecessarily doubt my stability.

Control seems to be the one true illusion, which eludes me when contemplating eternity in this comfort zone. Now, that has little sense at its base, more groundless, and tenuous than my own feelings of admiration for such a mystery. I must run! I must hide away from this excess trust and comfort, it’s the only way I know how to survive, and now I remember how I once almost did not. Almost perishing for love seems, in the mind of the romantic fool I thought I was, to be the most righteous way to go, yet I say this without remembering the painful cancellation of my debt to the Karmic world. Ha ha! And yet again I resort to feeling, and allow it to eclipse my critical thinking, a clear sign that I have learned nothing from my experience.

That’s right, I have learned nothing from my experience. And when teaching I appear to know more than nothing. I am a teacher; I am also a doctor, who without hypocrisy lacks all powers of edification and healing. I have erroneously found consolation, in the vacuum of solace provided by those I have helped to change. Here I think about my Ali, and I feel worthy of respect and admiration, I think of nothing that can eclipse that beautiful ray of sunshine, and the amazing feelings that such purity brings to heart. And the ones I have changed without the intent to help? There are many, I must admit, who owe it to me to be complete human beings, and that lifts my spirits, but only until the memories of those I have pushed to the very edge rush into my mind and again take control of the insecure bastard who wishes he never had. Who is he? How did he ever have so much control? The answer to that can be found without honesty, and without intelligence, as it is quite simple that he didn’t care. Not for a second, nor for an instance did he hesitate to take what he wanted nor what he needed and that gave him power, or rather that still does.

And then, a sudden yet expected regression to the mean, my own mean. Where all is perfectly balanced and power and control are no longer the illusive substances they were just seconds ago. They are real, as real as my mystery, and the merger of the two will give me closure. I am strong and confident, and out of chaos and confusion I have created order. I am not afraid to loose, for in my mind I have lost it all already. I have no doubts, I am empty and it is fantastic, like the gratifying, comforting and pleasing silence and solitude of my mind. Wow, I feel rested, like returning home from a long trip where all things have been forgotten. I am home, and although I find my house in disarray, I can now rebuild. That is truly…

The way I feel.

In memory of great men

Peyton Dracco