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Cisco Jose wrote this several years ago as part of a presentation on the effect of pseudo-science and bad science for  local high schools.

Please know it is not only our flower-fairy-hippie friends who present danger to our intelligent communities and the safety of our civilization.  Many times these monsters come in the guise of well educated and well meaning individuals. One particular character comes to mind by the name of Andrew Wakefield, who suggested a direct link between MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) triple shots and Autism spectrum disorder.  In so doing, Wakefield caused the United Kingdom’s medical establishment to halt national immunization programmes, and consequentially increase the number of Measles related infant illness and deaths to a pandemic level.   The article/study released by Dr. Wakefield and twelve other of his colleagues (ten have actively retracted their scientific opinion since the study’s publishing) in “The Lancet” was compiled from observations done on twelve infants who suffered from Autism Spectrum disorder.  The original hypothesis was not completely implausible, as it offered the assumption that introducing three different viruses of such veracity into a healthy system could have drastic, negative side effects on the recipient system. What The Wakefield team chose to oversee is the fact that these viruses are not active, or alive.  They are in a sense cured and altered to introduce DNA and RNA information to the human immune system so that it can recognize and learn to fight the viruses in case of actual contamination.  It was later argued by Wakefield and his team a Mercury based preservative, “Thimerosal” was the actual cause of Autism and other conditions like inflammatory bowel disease.  All of these claims have been disproven by intelligent and responsible scientific, medical research.  Bellow I offer you an excerpt from the available FDA research.

Thimerosal is a mercury-containing organic compound (an organomercurial). Since the 1930s, it has been widely used as a preservative in a number of biological and drug products, including many vaccines, to help prevent potentially life threatening contamination with harmful microbes. Over the past several years, because of an increasing awareness of the theoretical potential for neurotoxicity of even low levels of organomercurials and because of the increased number of thimerosal containing vaccines that had been added to the infant immunization schedule, concerns about the use of thimerosal in vaccines and other products have been raised. Indeed, because of these concerns, the Food and Drug Administration has worked with, and continues to work with, vaccine manufacturers to reduce or eliminate thimerosal from vaccines.

Thimerosal has been removed from or reduced to trace amounts in all vaccines routinely recommended for children 6 years of age and younger, with the exception of inactivated influenza vaccine. A preservative-free version of the inactivated influenza vaccine (contains trace amounts of thimerosal) is available in limited supply at this time for use in infants, children and pregnant women. Some vaccines such as Td, which is indicated for older children (≥ 7 years of age) and adults, are also now available in formulations that are free of thimerosal or contain only trace amounts. Vaccines with trace amounts of thimerosal contain 1 microgram or less of mercury per dose.

For the full article visit: http://www.fda.gov/biologicsbloodvaccines/safetyavailability/vaccinesafety/ucm096228

It is important to mention that Andrew Wakefield has been severely penalized by several governing health organizations, and despite his strong argument and persistence against vaccination safety, he is currently petitioning a patent for a single shot vaccine.  How should that sit in the back of any critical mind?  Perhaps, and without prejudice, it’s a question better answered by the super influential Jenny McCarthy (former MTV personality and Play Boy Playmate) who has led the current Anti-Vaccine Campaign and accumulated a substantial body count since 2007.  Unfortunately, Mrs. McCarthy was unavailable for comment at the time this most excellent composition.

The affirmation that almost, if not all medical immunization procedures can and often do have side effects (not including Autism) is just, and unbiased, yet the current side effects don’t measure up against the hundreds of thousands of deaths per year caused by the “maladies” these immunizations are supposed to prevent.  It is also safe to assert that side effects can be made worse by existing, underlying medical conditions of the recipients.  These conditions however, should be closely considered by physicians and persons in parental or legal guardian positions before the administering of any medical/medicinal procedure.

As a response to the MMR Controversy started by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, The World Health Organization presents intelligent research conducted by outside enterprises. Once again, I offer you the following excerpt.

MMR and autism

Appears in WER 24 January 2003:

Concerns about a possible link between vaccination with MMR and autism were raised in the late 1990s, following publication of studies claiming an association between natural and vaccine strains of measles virus and inflammatory bowel diseases, and separately, MMR vaccine, bowel disease and autism. WHO, on the recommendation of GACVS, commissioned a literature review by an independent researcher of the risk of autism associated with MMR vaccine; the outcome of the review was presented to GACVS for its consideration.

Autistic spectrum disorder represents a continuum of cognitive and neurobehavioral disorders including autism. The prevalence of autism varies considerably with case ascertainment, ranging from 0.7 – 21.1 per 10 000 children (median 5.2 per 10 000) while the prevalence of autistic spectrum disorder is estimated to be 1 – 6 per 1000. Eleven epidemiological studies (representing the most recent studies, mostly in the last 4 years) were reviewed in detail, taking into consideration study design (including ecologic, case control, case-crossover and cohort studies) and limitations. The review concluded that existing studies do not show evidence of an association between the risk of autism or autistic disorders and MMR vaccine. Three laboratory studies were also reviewed. It was concluded that the alleged persistence of measles vaccine virus in the gastrointestinal tract of children with autism and inflammatory bowel disease requires further investigation through independent studies before the laboratory findings of the published studies, which have serious limitations, can be considered confirmed.

Based on the extensive review presented, GACVS concluded that no evidence exists of a causal association between MMR vaccine and autism or autistic disorders. The committee believes the matter is likely to be clarified by a better understanding of the causes of autism. GACVS also concluded that there is no evidence to support the routine use of mono-valent measles, mumps and rubella vaccines over the combined vaccine, a strategy which would put children at increased risk of incomplete immunization. Thus, GACVS recommends that there should be no change in current vaccination practices with MMR.


World health organization

The following study can also shed some light on the issue.


MMR and Autism – a review for the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety [pdf 137kb]

Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety
World Health Organization (WHO)
20 Avenue Appia
1211 Geneva 27

Whether the influencing force behind the MMR controversy was true scientific principle or mere corruption and greed is now irrelevant to me and those on the side of compassion and universal responsibility. I only pursue a way to show the unnecessary suffering of innocent infants all over the world – And I know it is easy for our sheltered North American society to emasculate the importance of vaccination campaigns as the effects of Measles, Polio, and other very ugly things in nature have not been present in this generation. The picture is much different when seen from the perspective of a third world inhabitant where these diseases could have accounted for the death of more than half the population were it not because of the immunization methods on trial. (Expansion and citation required)

Another vaccine in question is the relatively modern HPV or human papillomavirus vaccine. In an effort to avoid my own biases from contaminating this report or the point of view of the reader, once again I offer you third party intelligent research

Safety of human papillomavirus vaccines

           At the meeting 17-18 June 2009 the Committee reviewed the safety of HPV vaccines. By March 2009, >60 million doses of the quadrivalent or bivalent HPV vaccine had been distributed either as part of national immunization programmes in 21 countries or by private physicians. Data from post-marketing surveillance were reviewed from countries that introduced the vaccine early, from regulatory authorities and from manufacturers. Additional data were reviewed from 4 demonstration studies undertaken in developing countries that were conducted by the nongovernmental organization PATH (the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health) and from recently completed and ongoing studies conducted by manufacturers on the vaccination of young males and the concomitant use of HPV vaccine with other vaccines in young girls.

 The accumulating evidence on the safety of HPV vaccines is reassuring. The most common adverse events were reactions at the injection site and muscle pain. Allergic reactions have also been reported. The potential risk of injury after vaccination resulting from dizziness and syncope has been added to the label of 1 of the vaccines. Several different signals were observed in countries introducing HPV vaccination but none, other than syncope, was judged to be causally related to vaccination. The limited data on the inadvertent administration of HPV vaccines shortly before pregnancy or during pregnancy are reassuring. They do not establish a relationship between HPV vaccination and miscarriage, but the data are insufficient to rule out a small effect, in particular if conception occurs shortly after vaccination. The Committee considers that further studies should be encouraged, given the limited data.

 The Committee noted with satisfaction that studies on HPV immunization have been initiated in Africa, including some among HIV-positive women. As preparation for introducing HPV vaccines, capacity building for surveillance for adverse events is being addressed. While the safety profile of HPV vaccine is reassuring, the collection of high-quality safety data from different geographical locations and epidemiological settings where the vaccine is being introduced remain a high priority.

Other articles for consideration




“At least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity, idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religious or political idols.”

Aldous Huxley

Peyton Dracco

Edited by: Jeromee Juan