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The First Warning 

What follows, is a detailed confession and my declaration of admonition to all current members of “The Company” and all its operations. This decision comes with the realization that the principles, ideas and doctrines I have propagated along the years, have been applied to manipulate my perspectives, and guide my efforts towards a final end, which is in the best interest of all. I know and understand that my actions in the immediate future will fulfill a nonsensical prophecy given to us by the creator of this establishment. Still, my rational mind can only invite me to entertain the possibility of intelligent self-fulfillment.

That our father could understand and foresee these circumstances two centuries ago is a true testament to his intelligence. That I should be called upon to realize his expectations is evidence of his extensive ability to achieve compliance. And finally, my compliance is substantiation of the urgent need for change.

I hereby further declare that there are no measures unthinkable to me, and no means unacceptable in my thoughts to accomplish this undertaking. I will bring about the change needed and the balance this reality so urgently requires. I say this with a clear head, yet most importantly, with a clear heart. I assert in full consciousness that the end of “The Company” has begun, and that the catalyst of this reaction was the ephemeral and futile attempt to control me and in so doing forcing me to reject and “push” someone who is cherished, loved and respected by me. I am saddened and enraged by the apprehension that this name will from now on be silent or at most a whisper. However, in the name of love and freedom – all will eventually know what I have done.

Furthermore, the next few months will culminate in the complete erasure of the conglomerate. I move for the obliteration of such a structure leading and manipulating the collective consciousness under the pretense of balance and order. I do acknowledge that people, in general, are unable to understand their surroundings and that lack of guidance and persuasion could have disastrous outcomes. Because of this, I will continue to empower those around me to see the world as it truly is. The irony of it all appears when someone like me, the best liar, and most manipulating person alive, a true pretender as I have been since my 23rd year of life, strives for honesty, and freedom of choice.

Today I ascend to take my place in history as the one who challenged the workings of an almost perfect system of secrecy and deceit and converted this fallacy into true power. Let it be known to all who will suffer from my decision, that I do what is expected of me, what has been expected even before my time – for the last two hundred years. – That all those who lose much due to my actions, are mere victims of a meticulously planned adherence to order.  They are casualties of war, a war that will reach the deepest levels of society and government without their own awareness. This is a war that will reshape truth, and tilt the continuum back to where it should have always been. And all though, it will be unknown to the world, this is how I manifest my legacy, when I sink this further into mythology and legend by telling my story.

Cisco Jose To Carla Cage and Byron Wells – March 2010

The Final Show of Gratitude

We did it, I’m happy that I was able to help. Please make sure that they all get this. It is all I ask in return, and respectful of your wishes not to contact them again, I expect you to deliver it on my behalf.

I clearly remember that fateful day back in December 2008. Patty, Igor, Nick, you and I sitting around Delilah as she gently took turns licking all of our hands. What a gorgeous old dog she was, and I’m still not sure of it, but she seemed to know that we were stressed and saddened by what we had to do. She was the embodiment of pure unconditional love. She was perfectly incapable of harm or deceit. She was in fact, a contradiction to all those sitting around her unconsciously begging for the comfort of her attention. I remember not only the day, but also the hour and the minute we all agreed on the right course of action. We all knew our parts and why they had to be so. We all accepted our duty despite the possible personal consequences. It was there, in the presence of Gods that I understood compassion and responsibility. It was that day that I finally understood the power of choice and the value of true freedom as I sat with the greatest men I will ever meet. I have not hurt anyone since. I finally understood that the gun was not the best way to do things and that the world was not to blame for my sadness and anger.

I remember many things about that day, which now seems so distant. I remember Patty volunteering his freedom for the cause, and Igor’s most elegant discourse on the psychology of good and evil. I mostly remember the security and the unmovable conviction with which you so replied “I will” when you were told how much you would lose and the pain that you would experience. I can still see Igor’s tears as he embraced you and told you how proud he was of you and that he loved you. You were his favorite son, the one that he trusted to see and understand what most are afraid to even think about. I remember the distinct feeling of confusion that overtook me when I accepted a mission not to change an office or a government, but to alter the fate of just one and in so doing secure the safety of many.

For this and for everything else, I thank you. I thank you because those whom you have saved are incapable of doing it. I thank you because you deserve the honors of a king and yet you are treated as a mere commoner, and at times a criminal. I thank you most of all for allowing me to help you carry your cross. And to share the thorns that for so long drew blood from your forehead. Please accept my thanks on all their behalves. I now understand that most people are incapable of seeing things as they are, and they just don’t know better.  I thank you again, my friend for showing me that love is true and that only once a man has discovered something he can die for, can he really begin to live. This, amongst many of the things you’ve taught me will carry me farther than I’ve ever been and wherever I go I will honor your name and your memory by teaching the same and crediting you with this wisdom which is so unconventional but so true.

Pleas make sure The King gets this when you find her, and that when reading it she may know how lucky she is to have a choice we never had. That she may know that your love for her will be as unconditional as Delilah’s was for all of us. That it is that love that has and will change the world. That she is worth every ounce of our efforts of these last couple of years. And though her mind may not remember, this will always live in her heart, and that she has no need to be afraid of it. I wish that she could also become a teacher, as she will be a good student. Thank her also for the time she will spend pondering these mysteries, and though I was not able to meet her, I have learned much from her.

I am leaving Toronto for good, I don’t know if I’ll back, I hope one day but there are many unfinished things I must look after.

Thanks again, I will never forget.

Your friend

Paul M. Blight

Paul Blight to Peyton Dracco and Cisco Jose – October 2011