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More to come...

More to come…

Often I’ve been asked if it is possible to use the knowledge I’ve acquired through my studies to seduce women, and though I’ve often refused to indulge my own arrogance, the most honest answer is yes. Please understand, before I submit the following write-up to your unyielding scrutiny, that I have always refused to teach these skills to men who are solely looking for sex (in fact, I’ve generally refused, with a small number of exceptions). Please do not take me for a rigid, hopeless romantic who doesn’t believe in the joys of casual sex – I am all for it given the right context; however, it is due to my studies that I can assure you of the lack of depth in most of the so called P.U.A (Pickup Artists) techniques that abound today. Most of them, simply don’t work, and I’d like to see men deserve the satisfaction of “scoring” with the women who happen to catch their fancy.

I have written about many of the myths surrounding the principles of social influence before: https://peytondracco.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/myths-about-influence/ . The numerous misconceptions about Seduction have often elicited pity and contempt in me. It is pitiful to think that such an abundance of men are willing to pay for ideas that are simply wrong, and my contempt is for those who package and sell these ideas to the needy; many of these self-proclaimed teachers condone lying as valid efforts towards establishing social value.

Now, it is fair to say that there are ways to get the woman you want into bed, and I’d be hard-pressed to advice most men to “just be themselves”, many times it is the “self” in these men that needs the most assistance. Respectful of some of the more accomplished seduction artists out there (and there are some who have made diligent efforts to study and understand social human behaviour) I will not delve into the techniques that work – this is a privilege reserved for my future clients – but I will allude again to the understanding of communication and context as the most important parts of the art/science of seduction.

I has been my choice to remain distant from this industry until now; not because I think it a prerequisite to a good life, but because of all the seemingly deliberate lies that are being disseminated on its behalf. I can now see it as an investigation into deception; more specifically, self deception. It follows, then, that I should embark in this journey of learning with the desire to help others achieve confidence, and social stability; moreover, and most importantly, I do this while counting with the support and assistance of the woman who owns my heart – Conchita (a.k.a: Bronwen Dwyer) – little did she know when she met me, that she would be doing something like this.

More to come… much more to come.