Islam – a religion of peace.

The argument posed by radical “Islamists” and religious moderates alike is that Islam is a religion of peace. This is usually countered by its opposition with pointers to its intolerance of non-Muslims, segregation and violence towards women, and its archaic social laws. We have, at least in the west, become too familiar with the promises of violent retribution against anyone who would depict the “prophet” Mohamed in any manner outside of the Islamic framework, and have been made weary with declarations of Sharia law instituted in our own countries. And whilst any person who is capable of critical thought would agree that Sharia and the majority of its tenets are not conducive to prosperity, or beneficial to a civilized society, it is important to look closer at the syntax of what “peace” constitutes to the Islamic fundamentalist.  

Like it is for the Jewish religion, or “the chosen people”, the covenants made with their god are only inclusive of them, and not others who may exist outside of the respective religion. When Mohamed spoke against killing an innocent he referred to Muslim innocents -apostates on the other hand, are subject to the death penalty, given of course that they refuse to take their fair chance to return to Islam. The rules of love and mercy do not apply to all humanity but only to those who follow the infallible word of Allah. Furthermore, peace is the outcome they offer, whether the means to this outcome are oppression, subjugation, and violence is a different argument.