More on the incessant taunting of a Dr. Jerry Coyne by a new-age guru, con-artist, and charlatan Deepak Chopra. and I hope that the state of rage and despair you’re thrown into, isn’t as permanent as Dr. Coyne suggests.

Why Evolution Is True

Ah, the Chopra simply won’t leave me alone. This tw**t  to me was sent by a friend:

Picture 1

At first I just laughed at Chopra’s hysterical pleas for me to read his stuff.  And I vowed not to do it. “Self directed biological transformation”? What is that? But then curiosity got the better of me, and I read the damn piece, but for the same reason that you sniff the milk in the fridge though you already know it’s gone sour. And, sure enough, Chopra’s milk was bad.

The piece is dreadful and dire, requiring doses of Pepto-Bismol to get it down. It’s so full of misrepresentations, bad science, and feel-good woo that it completely belies Chopra’s claim that he’s promoting real science. And it shows that “scientific credentials” mean nothing when you’ve been corrupted by the cash that rains upon you when you push woo and pseudoscience.

What mystifies me…

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