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This is a write up for one of the projects I am currently leading. It is very special to me. Thanks to all those who share and donate.


If like me, you have witnessed the bliss that simply bouncing brings to a child with Autism, you are going to agree with what I have to say.

Airborne Trampoline Sports is a Non-profit organisation dedicated to the enhancement of athletics through the sport of Trampoline. Currently, the corporation provides training services to athletes of all levels – recreational and competitive athletes enjoy Airborne’s classes and equipment. The truth is that the club has had great success in the local and international scenes. We are very proud to admit our amazing results in the field. Having a strong and reliable team takes work, and money; the coaching staff must be properly certified before they are allowed, by law, to instruct the high-performance routines our athletes have to execute in order to meet discipline-specific standards. Equipment must also meet rigorous safety criteria; which are enforced by provincial and national federations. The revenue generated by tuition fees and other business endeavours are enough to keep the business running, but insufficient to take on some of the projects the organisation would like to complete. One of these projects, and the one that seems (unanimously) to be the most important to all of us at Airborne, is the Special Needs classes.

This Special needs class, or classes if we achieve our funding goal, will be open to individuals with physical and mental disabilities at no cost to them or their families. These classes have to be structured according to the specific needs of the people participating in them. Certain individuals require more care than others, and some, because of their conditions require constant attention. This project will be expensive, but we are fully resolved to making it happen – we will see it through and we understand the sizable work ahead.

My name is José and I am the proud coordinator of this wonderful project. I have worked with special needs classes, both, in the gym and in public schools. Help me reach this goal and provide free, open access to a great facility for those who need it most. I have studied the science and personally seen the effects of bouncing and playing in our gym. Organised exercise classes are of immense physical and psychological benefit to people with disabilities. Furthermore, I have witnessed the tears of joy in parents’ eyes as they watch their special child being active, having fun, and at times achieving the same goals as any other kid, which is also beneficial to the families.   Our goal is $30,000, which will justify one entire season (9 months) of free special classes. We want to start planning these classes in July to be ready, and open the doors in September.

On behalf of our friends, and everyone at Airborne Trampoline Sports, I thank you sincerely for helping us reach this goal.