Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Is the practice of using a number of different advanced thinking skills in a variety of complex ways. It focuses on thought and looks at how facts are proven, arguments are formed, conclusions are reached and not just what the facts, argument or conclusion may be. It is self-reflective: it involves reflecting on, questioning and testing your own thinking processes.

Our basic Critical thinking workshops are geared towards providing a solid understanding of the technical (skill-set) and the attitudinal components of proper thinking.

The client can select from a variety of learning formats: seminar, group, and private sessions. The scope of these classes will be determined by the level of competence of the client, which will be assessed by one of our associates prior to the commencement of the module.

The cost for our basic modules is as follows:

  1. Private classes $200/2 hour session and can be scheduled individually
  2. Group Classes of 4 to 6 students $100/2 hour sessions
  3. Seminars/Workshops of up to 40 students – from $65 to $500 depending on the module being covered

What you will learn in these modules:

Technical Components

  • Distinguishing between verifiable facts and value claims
  • Determining the reliability of a source
  • Distinguishing relevant from irrelevant information, claims, or reason
  • Detecting Bias
  • Identifying unstated assumptions
  • Identifying ambiguous or equivocal claims or arguments
  • Recognizing logical inconsistencies or fallacies in a line of reasoning
  • Distinguishing between warranted and unwarranted claims
  • Determining the strength of an argument

Dispositional or Attitudinal Component

This is the starting point for critical thought, without de desire to arrive at logical conclusions the technical component is fallible.

In this section of the module we will discuss the philosophical implications of wanting to know the truth, and we will apply the skill-set offered by the technical component to verify our arguments and conclusions.

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