Psychological Influence and control

The basic influence and control modules are designed to teach you how to get more out of every interaction.

Directly related to our enhanced communication programs, the psychological influence modules are designed to teach participants how to use proper language structures (talk) towards influencing decision making processes of the listener (get them to do what you need).

It is important to note that our group does not endorse pseudo-scientific claims of “hypnotism” or other mystical properties of communication, and while having conducted research in hypnosis we do not offer classes in the discipline.

The focus of these modules is to teach our participants to use language (verbal, and non-verbal) to achieve more desired outcomes from their communication. Further, our modules touch on other ways of influencing psychological and emotional states, and perception.

The cost for our basic modules is as follows:

  1. Private classes $200/2 hour session and can be scheduled individually
  2. Group Classes of 4 to 6 students $120/2 hour sessions
  3. Seminars/Workshops of up to 40 students – from $80 to $500 depending on the module being covered

What you will learn in these modules:

Technical Components

Here you will learn the naturally occurring linguistic tools available to you, such as: Embedded suggestions, universal qualifiers, and quantifiers, and the Ironic process of mental control. We will learn to apply these tools towards eliciting the desired emotional reaction from your listener. This portion of the module also deals with decoding and using subconscious and non-verbal cues to deliver the right message to the listener.

Philosophical Component

In this section of the module you will have a chance to discuss the moral and psychological implications of the potential of some of these techniques. And we will critically discuss their nature. Do this techniques work? If so, do they work all the time? We will study and propose experiments to validate these claims.

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