Lie Detection

Deception Detection Training

Our deception detection modules are based on our study of nonverbal communication, Pragmatics (the context, textual embedding, presupposition, and implicature) and proper investigation.

These modules offer different levels of training in reading (decoding) physical movements of expression in the face and body. In their entirety, these modules can enhance an individual’s ability to investigate occurrences with increased accuracy. The deception training modules are made up of facial expression (micro-expression), subtle body expressions, and context reading training.

The cost for our basic modules is as follows:

  1. Private classes $250/2 hour session and can be scheduled individually
  2. Group Classes of 4 to 6 students $120/2 hour sessions
  3. Seminars/Workshops of up to 40 students – from $100 to $500 depending on the module being covered

What you will learn in these modules:

Technical Components

  • History: Past and prominent research on the topic of deception and emotions.
  • A discussion on the emotional implications of lying
  • Investigative principles: context
  • Breakdown of communication: Verbal, Tonal, and Non-verbal
  • Non-verbal: face and body
  • Micro expressions
  • Subtle expressions
  • Application

Philosophical Component

In this section of the module we will discuss context and how it affects the experience of both the investigator and the subject. We will talk about the deeper meaning of lying, its emotional implication, and the assumption of knowing the truth.

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